Our wine cellar makes us specially proud, its appearance will take you back 300 years in the past. Its large choice of bottled wine, more than two hundred kinds from all parts of Croatia as well as from all the continents of the World, carefully chosen poured wine from the best sorts of ''Grasevina'' and ''Zeleni Svilanac'' from white wines and excellent ''Babić'' from red wines in combination with 'pole' (dish made out of potatoes) and bacon, bread under the ''peka'' , prosciutto from Lika, 'basa', cheese 'škripavac', cheese from the island of Pag, olive oil and olives enrich the offer of the Hotel Ana.

Wine cellar is suitable for meetings and riunions, with the capacity of 15 persons. The ambience is pleasant, relaxed, private and discrete

copyright: hotel Ana, 2005.
Hotel Ana, Zagrebačka 18, Gospić, telefon :053 560 360