Gospić is located in the central part of Croatia, in the heart of Lika, his equal distance from the capital of Croatia, Zagreb and other big Croatian cities such as Split, Rijeka, Zadar and Šibenik give Gospić a significant position on the crossing of these directions, as well as the immediate vicinity of Adriatic Sea (Karlobag 40 km). Gospić in tourism plays a very important role because it is situated near five most beautiful and most significant national parks in Croatia; National Park Plitvice Lakes ( 60 km), National Park North Velebit ( 40 km), National Park Paklenica ( 50 km), National Park Kornati ( 110 km), National Park of Krka (120 km), as well as the Park of Nature Velebit (10 km).The part of our tourist offer are very significant Cerovačke pećine (Caves of Cerovac 50 km), Perušičke pećine and Turkish tower in Perušić (12 km), bear natural reserve Kutarevo (50 km), as well as the remembrance houses and homes of Croatian heroes, the house of the father of the homeland Ante Starčević (Veliki Žitnik 6 km) and Nikola Tesla's house (Smiljan 6 km), and the Museum Lika in Gospić. Gospić is situated next to the Croatian North-South highway, in the middle, which makes it an ideal resting place for all passengers who want to avoid long drives weather they are coming from north or south.

Hotel Ana is located on the entrance into the city centre near town's sport hall, high school, cultural centre and new business zone in construction. Within the hotel one can find the supermarket, the modern shop of consumption goods (maxi Konzum).


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